Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Perfect Fit Beanie Pattern

In November I posted a hat that I made using a new technique for adding an extra stitch.  I was trying to make a slouchy hat, but I did not add enough extra stitches.  Instead my hat came out with a nice design and in my opinion a perfect fit.  I have been asked for this pattern a couple of times now, so I decided to post it here for others to enjoy.   

 The Perfect Fit Beanie
Supplies needed:  a loom with an even number of pegs, knitting hook, yarn of your choice, and a yarn needle.  

I made my hat using Patons Classic Wool yarn in Taupe  and the round purple loom with 48 pegs.

Skills needed: you will need to know how to e-wrap, flat knit, purl, and how to add the extra stitch.  This video will show you the technique needed to add the extra stitch.  

1.  To start the hat using two strands of yarn held as one cast on all the pegs using the e-wrap stitch.

2 - 13.  To make the brim you will knit 2, purl 2 all the way around the loom.  I did this for a total of 12 rows.  

14. Knit this row. 

15. This is the row where you will add your stitch.  *purl 2, knit, add stitch on 3rd peg (knit)* You will do this all the way around the loom.  

Notes:   Purl 2 and then on the 3rd peg you will knit, move the stitch to peg 2.  Bring up the stitch from the row before and place it on the 3rd peg.  Knit over.  Take the stitch that you moved to peg 2 and bring it back to peg 3.  You will now have 2 stitches on the 3rd peg.   

16.  *Purl 2 and Knit the stitches on peg 3* all the way around the loom.

Notes:  Purl 2 and then on the 3rd peg with two stitches knit over the TOP stitch only.  Then move the new stitch to peg 2.  Knit the stitch on peg 3 and then move the stitch that is on peg 2 back to peg 3.  Again, peg 3 will now have 2 stitches on it.  

Continue knitting the hat using the instructions from row 16 until hat reaches your desired length.  I made my hat around 8 1/2 inches.  

17.  On the row before you gather your hat you will purl 2 and then on the 3rd peg just knit the two loops over.  This will leave you with one stitch on your 3rd peg.  

18. You will now decrease your hat by 1/2.  Take the stitches on peg 1 and move to peg 2.  Bring the bottom stitch over the top stitch, so that one stitch remains.  Continue doing this around the loom.

19.  Gather your hat and you are finished and ready to wear your Perfect Fit Beanie.  :)

I hope that you like this pattern.  A very special thank you to Jeannie at A Place for my Cards for allowing me to include her video.  She is an amazing loom knitter who has come up with some amazing and beautiful projects.  

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  1. I knitted this hat and it did not come out at all like the picture. I wonder if there is a typo in the pattern. At the top, it says you need to know the flat stitch but the pattern never calls for it. I was really disappointed.

  2. mnt_Chickie, when it calls for the knit stitch it is made using the flat knit. I am sorry you are disappointed with your hat. I do not have any typos in this hat. I have seen other hats made with this pattern that came out like mine, so I know that is not the issue. Could you post a picture of your hat on my facebook page, so I can see yours and see where the problem might be?

  3. Thanks a TON for sharing this pattern! I just received a nifty knitter for christmas, and the standard loom knit looks kind of ugly...but your pattern looks gorgeous! I'm very much looking forward to trying out this pattern.

  4. Very nice :) I have to do it :) Thanks :)