Thursday, November 3, 2011

Knitting with Needles

It has been over a year since I have knit with needles.  I learned how to do the basic knit and purl stitches on needles in the winter of 2009.  I made a couple scarves for Christmas gifts for family members.  On Christmas my husband bought me my first looms and I put the needles away.  I liked the looms because I was able to knit in the round and could make hats in just a couple of hours.  

I did not knit with needles again until the winter of 2010 and I only used the knit stitch.  I used them for one project.  I made a great scarf that I love and it is the only thing I have made that I have actually kept that doesn't have any errors.  I have been saying for over a year that I need to make myself a hat, but have yet to do it. 

A couple of weeks ago I found this great headband on Pinterest.  You can see the pattern here.  I tried to figure out a way to make it work on the loom and there was nothing I could do to make it work.  If anyone does figure it out that would be great and I would love to know how you did it.  

I decided that I would need to just try out the pattern on needles.  I tried and tried to make the headband and could not for the life of me remember how to purl.  I looked on-line to find pictures to try and jog my memory, but I just could not figure it out.  I finally found this site with great pictures and was able to make a purl stitch again.  I am loving the way the headband/ear-warmer is turning out.  I am about half-way done and will post pictures once it is complete.

I am also working on 3 other projects.  The hat that I started on the Martha Stewart Loom is slow going, but I am still loving the way it looks.  I also have a cowl that I have been working on for way too long on my yellow loom.  It is just the basic garter stitch, but my plan is to make it long enough that it can be pulled up like a hood if the person likes.  I am using Homespun yarn, so it is really soft and cozy.  The other project that I started last night is a slouch hat on the purple looms.  I am using 100% wool that is gorgeous and so very soft.  I have only just started, so I can't really tell how it is going to turn out.  

I have 9 more projects to complete my 52 Projects for 2011.  I don't think this will be a problem and am looking forward to being able to say that I stuck with it.  Pictures soon (hopefully) as my projects are completed. 

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