Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rainbow Rib-It with Pom Pom

Yesterday when I was working on getting all my hats finished I found a hat in the pile that I was not very happy with.  My daughter loved the colors, but it was just way too long.  When I made it last winter I made it so that either a child or adult could wear it.  But, the more I looked at it the more I did not like it.  For a while I left it thinking that maybe someone would like it and buy it anyway.  We left for soccer practice and by the time I got home and I looked at it again, I starting taking it apart. 

Before Picture

I wanted to figure out a way to make it better.  I was also hoping to not have to "frog" the whole hat.  The first step was taking a long piece of scrap yarn of a completely different color.  With my yarn threaded I then worked my way around the hat making sure that I picked up all 48 stitches.  I was then able to take the hat and using the loops that were threaded put them back on the loom.  It really didn't matter if I picked up the stitches in the same row, I would be able to take care of that later.  Once my purple loom had loops on every peg I was able to see if I needed to work backwards and take any yarn off to get the hat to match up.  I will not lie.  This whole process did take longer than I thought it would.  Once the hat was ready I was able to gather the hat again.  

I already knew that I wanted to make a pom-pom with the yarn that was originally on the hat.  So, with the pink, yellow, and orange yarn I made a large pom-pom using my Clover pom-pom maker.  Below is a picture of the finished hat.  I am very pleased with the way it looks now.  And, even though it took an hour of "frogging" and re-working, I am very happy with it.  
Rainbow Rib-It with Pom-Pom After


  1. Love this hat! IDo you have a pattern for it? Thanks!

  2. Hi Nancy, This hat is just a basic rib pattern. Knit (flat knit) 2, Purl 2 all the way around the loom. For the pom-pom I used the clover pom-pom maker with the colors that were left from when I frogged the hat. I really like the way the colors look together. I used Caron brand Simply Soft yarn.