Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rib-It Hat

Have I mentioned how much I love RavelryI love how there are so many great patterns available for free and I love getting to see all the amazing creations that people have come up with.  

I found a great hat pattern there the other day and wanted to see if I could use the pattern on the loom.  Here is the link to the pattern Pro Bono that I used for my inspiration.  

I was not able to do exactly what the pattern says when it came to shaping the crown, so I just experimented.  I am happy with the hat and thought that I would post how I made this pattern work for me on the loom.  If you don't think the crown looks that great, you could just skip the shaping and just gather the top like normal. 

I used Caron brand Simply soft to make this hat.  I used the green round loom, the yellow long loom, and loom clips.

I used two strands of yarn as one and did the basic e-wrap to cast on all 36 pegs.
For about 8 inches I used the pattern knit2, purl2

Here is where I began decreasing to shape the crown:
1.  Ptog, k2 until the end of the round ( I really am not sure if I did the Ptog correctly or not. What I did was, I moved the first loop on the peg to the second peg, then used my yarn to purl, by bringing both loops off the peg).
2.  I then took the hat off the round loom and moved it to the yellow long loom, so that I could keep all the stitches together. 
3.  P1, k2 for 3 rounds
4. P1, K2tog to the end of the round
5. I again took the hat off of the loom and moved my stitches together, so there was no open spaces. 
6.  K all stitches for 2 rounds
7.  I added my loom clips and started decreasing until I had 9 pegs with loops.  
8.  Knit around again and then gather your hat.  

There may have been an easier way to shape the crown, but I really was not sure.  If anyone wants to comment on what they would have done differently, please do.