Friday, January 28, 2011

Random Knitting Thoughts and Another Hat

I've been knitting so much these days that I find when I try and go to sleep at night, I end up knitting in my head.  I am thinking about patterns and how I could change them.  I am moving the yarn around the loom in my head.  I do this for an hour or longer unable to sleep.  Does this happen to anyone else?  

 My husband told me the other day that I need to make myself a hat.  The thing is that every time I've made a hat that fits me, I either want to sell it or I give it someone in my family.  I have a hard time keeping things that I make for myself.  
As a stay-at-home mom I obviously am not able to contribute to the family financially.  I love that etsy has made it easy for people who enjoy making crafts to have a place to sell what they are making without ridiculous fees.  This fall I decided to add some of my knit creations to our shop and I have sold a few of the things I have added.  It's exciting to sign on and find out that someone has bought something or even added an item to their favorite items.  I even got "fan mail" the other day from someone telling me she loved a hat that I made and how unique it was.  
The only things I have kept are things with flaws.  So, for now I have an infinity scarf and a purple ear-warmer.  The flaws are minor, but I still would never be able to sell them or even give them as gifts.  

 I don't think I posted on this blog, but I made a goal to make something every week.  52 Projects for 2011.  I've done really good keeping this goal and for this week I made a panda hat.  Another project from the book "I Can't Believe I'm Loom Knitting".  I followed the pattern somewhat, but made my own changes to it and will be making another bear hat soon with even more changes.  My daughter has already taken this hat as her own and now my son would like one too. 

I have no plans right now for what I will be putting on the loom next.  I made a scarflet that just needs some buttons.  Maybe, just a simple hat with some fun yarn I bought weeks ago and have not done anything with yet. 

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