Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just Finished 2 More Hats

I finished two hats.  I knit my Favorite Knit Hat with a small change and I had this idea for a rainbow hat in my head for weeks now and finally knit something.  I thought it was going to be a hat and now I am wondering if I should do something else or keep it a hat and add pom-poms.  Or would pom-poms be too much?  Not really sure.  I am up for others opinions though if anyone wants to comment.  

My Favorite Knit Hat Pattern
 When I knit this hat I made small changes.  One being the kind of yarn I used.  I made the hat with Caron brand Simply Soft.  The color is pistachio and it is a really nice light green.  The other change that was made is on the yarn over.  On the first hat I used the e-wrap for the yarn over.  This time I put the yarn in front of the yarn over peg.  I am really happy with this hat and it still is My Favorite Knit Hat. 
Close-up of the pattern.

 This was going to be a hat.  And it still might be a hat, but I also think it would be cute to add a handle and turn it into a cute little purse.  I am not sure.  I planned on adding two pom-poms, but for some reason I think it might be too much?  I don't know, maybe I am way over thinking it.  I love the flat top that I made to finish it and it looks super cute on.  The brim that I used for this hat makes a really tight brim and it doesn't have a lot of stretch.  I even made it on the purple round loom and it is too tight.  I love the way it looks though.  Is anyone interested in this pattern?  It is simple to knit up and if you wanted to change that would be super easy.

Feel free to comment.  I love to know if my patterns are being enjoyed or if you want more info on any of the hats I've made.   


  1. Love the hats! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Could I have the steps for this hat? Please?! I love it!

    1. (For the first and second picture shown) Thank you! :)

    2. Chantelle, you can find the pattern here : http://thismamaloomknits.blogspot.com/2011/03/2-new-hats-and-pattern.html